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Day 174 — Raspberry Lemonade Ice Pops

We have fresh raspberries again today (well, had, anyway. Raspberries do not tend to last in a house with three kids). Anyway, I managed to hide a few from the kids for a second attempt at making an ice pop with fresh raspberries:

Since I hadn’t liked the berries in last week’s chocolate raspberry ice pop, I decided to try something a little different today. Instead of using just plain raspberries, I crushed them first with a little sugar. I didn’t want to puree them because I wanted to maintain that chunky, fresh-fruit texture. But crushing worked nicely. I used all of the raspberries you see in the photo above and probably 1.5 teaspoons of sugar to make one ice pop.

I like how the berries stained the lemonade pink but also kept their own integrity. However, I think I put a little too much sugar in the raspberries. The popsicle was a little too sweet. Still, the crushed berry/sugar mixture was much nicer than just plain raspberries. I think I’m on the right track.

Day 169 — Chocolate Raspberry Ice Pops

I found my Ovaltine today, so I was able to make the chocolate raspberry ice pop I mentioned yesterday.

No ingredients shot, sorry. But I used the basic chocolate ice pop and dropped fresh raspberries into the molds before I poured. I figured that chocolate and raspberries are a great combination — at least, Raspberry Rockets are awesome. (if you don’t know, Raspberry Rockets are raspberries with chocolate chips tucked into the hole in the berry. I learned about them from Fix Me A Snack, and they’ve become a favorite treat in my house).

Anyway, the pops came out looking good:

Unfortunately, the ice pops didn’t taste as good as I’d hoped. The raspberries were a little too tart and the chocolate had a hard time standing up to them. I think the chocolate part of the ice pop needed to be stronger and richer to provide a better contrast to the fruit. I’ll have to figure out a darker chocolate recipe.

Day 165 — Blackberry, Yogurt & Honey Ice Pops

I got the idea for this popsicle from a recipe in a magazine. I can’t remember which magazine, but I do seem to recall skimming the recipe then promptly forgetting it. But the idea stuck in my head and when my Produce Box contained blackberries this week, I knew what I was going to do with them:

I pureed about 10 blackberries with a generous scoop (probably 2 T) of plain yogurt and 2-3 teaspoons of honey. It made just shy of six ounces of very thick puree, so I added milk to thin the base out and to get us up to the six ounces needed to make three ice pops.

These may be the prettiest ice pops I’ve ever made. Just look at this gorgeous purple! (and trust me, the photos do not do them justice).

I wasn’t overly impressed with the taste of these ice pops, unfortunately. For one thing, there didn’t seem to be much of a distinct blackberry flavor. For another, my little Baby Bullet did a great job of breaking down the berries, but there were still tons of seeds. Eating the pop ended up being a much crunchier experience than I’d anticipated.

Day 164 — Very Berry Lemonade Ice Pops

In all honesty, today’s pop was more about using up the last bits and pieces of last week’s produce delivery than about any specific recipe, but despite that I really like what I came up with:

These are the last of the last of this season’s strawberries. Bye-bye until next year!

I pureed a handful of each of the berries with about an equal amount of lemonade. I deliberately left the puree rough — I wanted chunks of fruit in my ice pop. The high proportion of lemonade to fruit in this recipe made that thickness possible ( a straight fruit puree would have been too hard to pour if I’d left it chunky).

This pop worked really well. Al three flavors blended well enough that I really couldn’t detect a dominant flavor. It was a light, sweet and happy popsicle.

Day 161 — Peach Lemonade Ice Pops

Every summer, when the peaches come, I buy them by the boxful. I made pies and cobblers and baby food and, of course, I freeze a bunch. But the one thing I’ve made last year that made the biggest impression on my kids was peach lemonade. I think I made it from scratch last year, blending peaches, lemon juice, sugar and water. This year, when she begged for it, I went simpler and just blended peaches into the bottled lemonade I always have on hand. As I was making it, I realized it’d make a great ice pop. So:

I don’t have proportions for this one, as I just froze some of what I made for drinking, but I can tell you I used a rather high proportion of lemonade to peaches (at least 2 to 1).

These were delicious and summery. A perfect way to use a bunch of fruit.

Day 160 — Summer Stripe Ice Pops

Thanks to my Produce Box, I have a fridge full of fresh, local fruit. I have blueberries, peaches, and the last of this year’s strawberries. With this kind of bounty, a celebration was in order. And what’s more celebratory than an ice pop? (you know, except for cupcakes and champagne).

I pureed the strawberries and blueberries with a little sugar and water, and the peaches with a splash of lemonade (in the hope that the acid would keep them from browning). Then I just started to make layers.

As you can tell, I wasn’t going for precision here. I just poured my layers without measuring. And because they were so thick, the peach and the blueberry layers made a mess. But since this ice pop was more about celebrating flavors than about beauty, I don’t mind.

And the flavors here were lovely. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think ice pops made with fresh blueberries and strawberries taste better than those that start with frozen fruit. But I do think the fresh peaches were key. They tasted so good that I think I’ll be making a peach lemonade ice pop tomorrow.

Day 159 — Fresh Blueberry Ice Pops

Blueberry season is well under way here in the south, so of course I had to make an ice pop using fresh, local berries:

Not pictured: splash of water

I learned my lesson during strawberry season that fruit pops are better with a little sugar in them, so I mixed to handfuls of berries with about a teaspoon of sugar and an ounce of water.  It made about 7 ounces of puree.

I love the color and the texture of these pops.  The flavor, on the other hand, isn’t all that impressive.  Certainly on par with the ice pops I’ve made with frozen blueberries.  I’d advise you to eat your fill of fresh berries now and use frozen berries for popsicles.

Day 157 – Coconut Peach Ice Pops

Sorry for the delay in posting today’s pop.  As I mentioned in my placeholder post, it was a busy day.

Anyway, a few months back I made a fantastic Pina Colada ice pop using coconut yogurt I’d found on clearance at Target.  This stuff is magical — it tasted liked heaven, and made an equally good ice pop.  Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for it in other stores (since my Target isn’t carrying the flavor any more), but it wasn’t until this week that I was able to find it.  I eagerly scooped it up (at full price!), and decided to use it with peaches:

I pureed the whole container of yogurt with 1.5 peaches.  I also chopped up a little but of peach to add chunks to one of the ice pops.  This mixture made three ice pops.

As expected, this made for some delicious ice pops.  The peaches definitely came in second to the coconut flavor, but they still shone through.  I feel like the mixture made the most of each ingredient. I definitely want to make this one again.

Day 156 — Bellini Ice Pop

It turns out I didn’t finish all of the champagne yesterday, so today I made the Bellini popsicle I mentioned yesterday:

Apparently, a “real” Bellini uses white peach puree, but the peaches I have are yellow.  Also, as you can see, I’m not using real Champagne, but rather a nice muscato sparkling wine.  I assume y’all will forgive me the lack of authenticity.

I pureed two peaches, one for the ice pop and one to make myself a Bellini to drink. The ice pop got 1/2 ounce of the champagne, the drink got the rest of it. I sipped my delicious little cocktail while I waited for my pop to freeze. It’s a tough life I lead, I tell you.

The ice pop was delicious, as expected. Not the kind of thing that would ever get a person tipsy (unless you’re a real lightweight), but so decadent and fun. Even though I know they’re silly, I just can’t resist making alcoholic ice pops.

Day 155 — Peach-Orange Ice Pops

I promised y’all a healthy pop today, but I’ll confess that until this afternoon, I was stumped as to what I should make. Strawberry season just ended, and we’ve already devoured the blueberries from our produce box this week. Luckily, I passed by my favorite orchard today and noticed they were open. So:

Local peaches! In season, the first week of June! Oh, happy day.

I was tempted to do a straight peach pop, but I was worried it would go brown. So instead, I pureed a medium-sized peach with a generous dose of orange juice (at least 1/4 cup). As it happened, I ended up with exactly enough base for 3 pops.

While the pops were freezing, I took a few photos of my peaches (dirty!), sipped a flute of champage, and belatedly realized that I could have made a Bellini pop today. (guess what you’re getting tomorrow, if the champagne lasts that long?)

This pop was wonderful. I was worried the orange juice would overpower the peach, and it was stronger than I’d have liked. But the fresh peach flavor still shone through.

And I still have a small army of peaches left. Tomorrow, I make jam! And maybe some cobbler. Perhaps a pie. I love peach season.


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