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Day 194 — Rainbow Ice Pops (natural(ish) style)

Since I made those red, white & blue ice pops last week, I’ve been thinking about making a full-on rainbow ice pop. Trouble is, I don’t really like using artificial colors to make ice pops. I (and my kids) get enough of those in our daily allowance of Cheetos and there doesn’t seem to be much point to my adding more. So I decided that for my first try at a rainbow ice pop, I needed to at least try to make the majority of the colors come from actual juice. That means a lot of different juices:

Cherry juice for red, orange juice for obvious reasons, pineapple juice for yellow, green smoothie for green, lemonade and food coloring for blue, V-8 Fusion for purple. I decided y’all didn’t really need to see indigo.

You’ll note that there’s no blue juice there. For one thing, I ran out of the blueberry smoothie I had last week. For another, no fruit or fruit juice I”ve ever used actually comes close to the color blue I associate with the rainbow. So I abandoned my principles a little and used some blue food coloring. And while I was at it, I colored the V-8 juice for the purple, too. The actual juice, while purple-ish, had too much of a red tint for what I wanted.

The pop turned out pretty, though not as vibrant or clean as I’d wanted:

I wish the green had been a less muddy color, specifically.  But still, not bad for a pop made mostly out of unsweetened fruit juices.  One of these days, I’ll try it the artificial way just for comparison’s sake.

Day 189 — Patriotic Ice Pops (Take 2)

Sorry, y’all, for skipping yesterday. I have no real excuse except that we’re in the final days of a really fun, really busy vacation and I spent yesterday hanging out with my family rather than making an ice pop.

Plus also, I really wanted to make another stab at red, white and blue ice pops, but I kept forgetting to borrow or buy food coloring. It wasn’t until today that I managed to pick some up.

Generally, I object to using food coloring unless it’s absolutely necessary. I figure there’s enough fake stuff in the rest of the foods we eat that I don’t need to make more. But I tried these pops with fruit juice and the colors just weren’t right. They needed a little artificiality.

I used all lemonade for these popsicles. For each of the layers I used two ounces (distributed among three ice pop molds). I used one drop of blue food coloring in the blue layer, and two drops of red in the red layer.

They came out beautiful; almost nice enough to overcome my objection to using artificial colors in an ice pop:

Day 185 — Tricolor Ice Pops

I still have a ton of different juices in my fridge, so I decided to use some of them up tonight:

I decided to make three different versions of this pop. To remember which juice I needed to pour in which mold next, I kept them lined up behind their respective slots, rotating them as I poured each layer. The finished pops came out really great:

It surprises me how the same three juices could make such different looking pops. I like the mostly-orange one. Which one is your favorite?

Day 183 — Patriotic Stripe Ice Pop

I’m back! Did you miss me? Probably not, thanks to my wonderful MYSTERY GUEST BLOGGERS!, who swooped in and made a pop for me last night while I hunkered down and tried not to get sick. They did a great job, and it was nice to wake up this morning and giggle through their post instead of feeling guilty that I skipped a day.

Anyway, It’s the first of July, so I’ve decided to prepare for the upcoming holiday by making red, white and blue ice pops. First up, a healthy, juice based version:

Berry blend smoothie for the red layer, lemonade for the white layer, and a blueberry smoothie for the blue layer.

I used two ounces of each juice for the three pops, but didn’t measure otherwise. They came out pretty even, in spite of that:

Honestly, these came out looking more like neopolitan ice pops than patriotic ice pops.  The blueberry layer, in particular, was more brown than blue.  But they still looked nice and the kids who ate them assured me they tasted good anyway.

Day 181 — Grape Lemonade Ice Pops

Those of you in the US are probably painfully aware that there’s a heatwave going on here. Pretty much the entire country is roasting, with temperatures climbing over 100 degrees where I am. So of course the AC chooses today to give up. It’s currently 83 degrees in my house and climbing, and it’s supposed to be even hotter out tomorrow.

If ever a situation called for ice pops, this is it.

I had originally planned to make a chocolate pop today, but in light of the thermostat, I wanted something cold and icy and in no way rich. Grape juice and lemonade seemed to fit the bill:

I decided to try a slanty pop again, since it had been a while. I didn’t measure (as you can tell), just kept switching the orientation of the Zoku as I poured my layers freehand. Still, they turned out nice enough:

You can see how hot it is in here — mere seconds out of the Zoku and already melting.

And they were cold. Blissfully cold. Today, that’s all I really wanted.

Day 168 — Grape Ice Pops

I had a completely different pop planned for today. It was going to be a chocolate pop with fresh raspberries in it, but I’m away from home right now and I realized too late that I was missing the key ingredient for a chocolate pop (that’d be the chocolate milk mix). So I’m improvising:

Exciting, isn’t it? I really never meant to make a plain grape juice pop. In fact, I bought this in the anticipation of doing an ice pop experiment. But I’m not ready to do that tonight and my choices at this point are few, so here you go:

Grape juice is one of the few juices that I c stand to drink straight, though I almost never think to buy it.  But not surprisingly, it makes a delicious ice pop.  Sweet but not cloying, refreshing and just plain pleasant.  A nice chance from last night’s disappointment.

Day 151 — Carrot Lemonade Ice Pops

While I still had the carrot juice, I decided I needed to try at least one more pop using it. I wanted to see if it would mix as nicely with lemonade as it did with orange juice:

I actually made three pops this afternoon — the lemonade one for today’s post, and two orange-carrot ones for the kids. I wanted to see if they’d figure out what they were eating, and whether they’d like it. It took my six-year-old about 30 seconds to guess that her pop had carrot in it, and another split second to decide she liked it. The three-year-old ate her entire pop, but then claimed she hadn’t liked it so I should make her a chocolate one.

That could be because of what she saw me do to this pop:

Namely, I took two bites, melted the rest in the sink and opted for a chocolate pop left over from last night, instead. Turns out lemonade doesn’t blend terribly well with carrot juice. It’s better than the straight carrot pop, but the lemon is completely dominated by the carrot. The resulting pop just wasn’t very good. From now on, I’ll stick with the orange juice blend.

Day 146 — Orange Carrot Ice Pops

I asked yesterday for ideas on making carrot juice into a more palatable ice pop, and commenter Donnelle suggested mixing it with orange juice.  So I did:

I used equal parts of each, and of course tried the combination first.  It tasted pretty good, so I poured it in.


Y’all, this was SO much better than the plain carrot!  The OJ sweetened things up considerably without obscuring the taste of the carrot juice.  And the carrot juice softened the intense sweetness of the OJ.  They were like the peanut butter and chocolate of juices!  Unlike yesterday’s fiasco, this pop was a pleasure to eat.  Thanks so much for the tip, Donnelle!
I also received comments and messages suggesting adding ginger to the carrot juice.  As soon as I get my hands on some ginger, I’ll give that one a try.

Day 145 — Carrot Ice Pops

They can’t all be Nutella pops, y’all.

A few days ago, a friend asked me why I don’t make more veggie ice pops. True, I did make a Green Monster ice pop way back in the beginning, but since then I have stuck largely to fruit and other sweets. She wanted to know where the sugar snap pea pops were.  Since I had no inclination to liquify sugar snaps, I tried this instead:

Now, truth be told, I don’t like carrot juice. It’s just a little too weird for my taste. And it probably would have been a good idea to use this with some other juice the first time I tried it, just to ease me into it. But I was feeling lazy, so I just poured and waited:

The husband tried it first and had this to say: “It’s hard. Tastes like a carrot.” After the obligatory “that’s what she said” joke (though actually, I prefer an old-fashioned, Lorelai Gilmore “Dirty!”), I tried it. It wasn’t really that hard (dirty!).  It had the same consistency most juice pops have — not soft, but easily bitten. And it tasted like a carrot.

If you like carrot juice, this pop will make you happy. But on its own, carrot juice makes an unappetizing ice pop.  I’m willing to try this mixed with other fruits or juices, though.  Do any of you know if carrot juice plays well with others?  If so, do you have any combinations to suggest?

Day 142 — Fuzzy Navel Ice Pops

A college classmate of mine noted on Facebook that this past weekend marked the 15th anniversary of our college graduation. Once I finished shrieking in horror that I’m actually that old, I started feeling nostalgic. Which led me to thinking about hanging out in the dorms, when our biggest worry was whether we’d be able to jigger our schedules to get Fridays off. Which led me to thinking about parties, and drinking, and one of the first “real” drinks I ever liked, the Fuzzy Navel. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a rather sickly sweet concoction of orange juice and Peachtree liqueur. It’s both awful and delicious.

As it happens, we still tend to keep Peachtree in the house, so my immediate thought was that I had to make a Fuzzy Navel popscicle:

Just opening the Peachtree bottle was like stepping back in time. I could almost hear No Doubt playing in the background as I made this pop.

As usual when I make alcoholic ice pops, I used a half an ounce of the liqueur to 1.5 ounces of orange juice. I let the pop freeze for more than the customary 10 minutes, partially because I wanted to make sure the alcohol was good and frozen and partially because I got distracted doing dishes and forgot about my pop.

No worries, though. The ice pop came right out of the Zoku, frozen nicely:

When I tasted this pop, I think I went into shock a little bit.  I think I have found the perfect summer ice pop. Somehow, freezing the fuzzy navel drink de-emphasizes the sickly sweetness of the Peachtree while simultaneously taking the tart edge off of the orange juice. What’s left is a wonderfully textured pop that’s perfectly balanced between sweet and tart, with the flavors of orange and peach (well, peach flavoring) shining through. I could totally see myself stretched out on a chaise lounge, reading a book and slurping on one of these babies. And the fact that they’re not suitable for kids? Well, that only makes it that much better.


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