A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Here we are

So it all started about two weeks ago. My sister-in-law asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said, “You know what would be cool? One of those Roku ice pop thingies.”

She paused. “Roku is the Netflix box. I think you mean Zazu.”

“No, Zazu’s the bird from The Lion King. Anyway, I want one of those instant ice pop makers for Christmas. Wouldn’t it be fun to make iced coffee pops when you’re here this summer?”

She agreed that it would be, and we hung up.  I headed to Amazon to find out that what we were talking about was the Zoku Quick Ice Pop Maker. I quickly added it to my wish list and forgot about it until a promisingly-shaped Williams Sonoma box appeared at my front door.  Indeed, when I eagerly tore it open Christmas morning, it was my pop maker!  Even better, after I moseyed on over to my Mother-In-Law’s house and raved about my new toy, I opened my present from her to find another Zoku!  I tossed them in the freezer as promised, and on the 26th I made our first round of ice pops.  They were so quick, easy and delicious that I could easily imagine having one every day.

Since then, my head has been spinning with ideas for ice pop flavors.  I have long been a fan of “recipe a day” blogs, but frankly lack the time or commitment to, say, follow a specific cookbook or use a slow cooker every day (plus, those have been done).  But ice pops only take about 10 minutes.  I think I can spare 10 minutes a day.  Thus, this blog.

So I hereby pledge to make ice pops every day in 2012.  Right now, I can’t promise that it’ll be a different pop every day, but that would be a nice goal.  I’ll try for as much variety as possible, at any rate. I definitely don’t have a shortage of ideas yet.

Tomorrow’s likely pop:  Starfruit!


Comments on: "Here we are" (1)

  1. Kathleen Lukasik said:

    Love it, Renee! What a great idea…..and what an impressive writer you are!

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