A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Yogurt with honey is a breakfast staple in our house. When it’s available, we stir in fresh or frozen fruit, but often the girls just eat it plain. Since everyone enjoys it in thawed form, I decided to see what it would be like as an ice pop. For interest, I decided to swirl in some cherry-peach pie filling I had leftover from a birthday cake.

And that’s where I ran into the only shortcoming of the Zoku that I’ve found so far: I can’t figure out how to make swirled pops. The problem is that these pops are (necessarily) quite narrow, and you have to insert the sticks before pouring your pop fodder in. There’s not really room for stirring things up afterwards, and the pie filling I had was too chunky to make pouring it in with the yogurt a realistic idea.

So I decided to pretend the pie filling was like the starfruit I used the other day, and just use a spoon to stick bits of it to the side of the Zoku before I poured in the yogurt. Turns out, though, that the stuff was too sweet to freeze hard. It remained gooey and tacky, and smeared all over the Zoku when I removed the pop. The pop also came out kind of messy, though I couldn’t get a good photo of the messier side. Still, even the “neat” side wasn’t pretty:

Yogurt, honey and pie filling, aka Smeary Mess

At least I’d only made one with the filling, so it took only about five minutes of scraping goo out of the pop maker before I could freeze it again. The other two pops were plain yogurt and honey (with a little milk mixed in for pourability). I just used regular Dannon, nothing fancy. I think you could probably use Greek yogurt for these, but you’d need more milk.

I didn’t post a photo of the plain pops, since they looked rather boring. Imagine the above without the pink streaky mess. They were very tasty, though. I’m going to have to try again and give swirled pops more thought.


Comments on: "Day 3 — Yogurt with Honey" (5)

  1. It doesn’t look bad though. Swirls, hmm, that is a bit of a challenge. Are there any websites with suggestions?

  2. How about if you swirl the fruit into the yogurt before you put anything in the mold? Kind of like you mix together fruit-in-the-bottom yogurt, only don’t be as thorough in the mixing so it is still kind of streaky. That would be my strategy, because then you can just put in the whole mess, and see how it freezes.

    Alternately, with a really thin fruit puree, could you drizzle some just on the walls of the pop mold, not thick at all (might take two people: one to pour, one to move around the mold to get a thin coating). Wait for that to freeze (shouldn’t take long), then add in the actual pop ingredients.

    Hope it works!– Kim

  3. […] possible for some pop ingredients to be too sweet to freeze properly.  This happened to me on Day 3, for example, when I tried to use prepared pie filling to decorate/flavor a yogurt ice pop.  The […]

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