A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I was all set to apologize for today’s pop being kind of a punt. I meant to do a more interesting pop, but the baby got his four-month shots and was miserable. All he wanted was to be held while he screamed in my ear, and I kind of felt like I had to oblige. Poor kid.

Anyway, the plan for today was going to be hot chocolate pops, made from this amazing stuff:

A can full of yum

It’s Target’s in-store cocoa brand, and it is fantastic! Instead of just cocoa powder and sugar, this actually has ground milk chocolate in it. It cooks up rich and smooth and decadent. My plan had been to make a batch in the morning after the baby’s appointment, then cool it and make pops after the big girl got off the school bus. I’d actually done this right after Christmas, and the pops that resulted were rich and delicious.

But then the boy was screaming, so I didn’t pre-make the base. And the big girl came off the bus totally grouchy and started complaining about having to wait 10 whole minutes for her snack (I forbore from reminding her that in my day, we had to walk two miles in the snow, uphill both ways, just to reach the freezer so we could wait 4 hours for our ice pops to freeze), so the “frozen hot cocoa” idea was scratched. Instead, I went with plain old Ovaltine. I was worried about it tasting thin, so instead of straight milk, I used equal parts milk and 1/2 and 1/2. For 9 ounces of liquid, I used 2.5 heaping spoons of Ovaltine.

heaven on a stick

The resulting pops looked plain, but tasted fantastic. The half and half turned out to be a great call — the pops were creamy, a little softer than plain milk would have been, and very rich tasting. I’ve never been one to accept substitutions where chocolate is concerned, but I could easily see this satisfying a chocolate craving. Granted, that with the half and half, it’s not exactly health food, but the portion size is small enough that I think it makes a reasonable treat.

I can’t wait to experiment with this basic chocolate pop. I had intended to make a thin mint version tomorrow, but the girls are loudly demanding mango. Stay tuned to see who wins (hint: it probably won’t be me).

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Comments on: "Day 4 — basic chocolate popsicle recipe" (8)

  1. This one looks so yummy! What do you think Soy Milk would do in something like this?

    • Not sure — I confess I’ve only ever had soy milk once, so I don’t know how it would taste or freeze. I’ll put it on the “to try” list, though!

  2. I’m really enjoying this. You should save the entries with a brief recipe list attached– then you’ll have everything you need to make this into an ebook at the end of the year. I’m sure it would be pop-ular!

  3. […] are simple: half vanilla pudding (leftover from Day 14 and thinned out with milk), and half the basic chocolate recipe. I was hoping to get a taste similar to the chocolate-vanilla swirl pudding pops I loved as a kid. […]

  4. […] make this one, I made a half recipe each of the basic chocolate and basic peanut butter bases. I used my small funnel to keep the layers neat, and measured each […]

  5. Just made this one. It does have a rich chocolate flavor. Moreso than a previous pop I made with 2% chocolate milk, half-and-half, and chocolate syrup. But both came out rather icy, with a kind of “squeaky” texture when I bite into them. Is this just the way they come out because of the quick-freeze method? Or is there a technique I’m missing? Thanks for any adv”ice” can you give. 🙂

    • A lot of pops “squeak,” I think it has to do with the relative amount of fat in them. The lower the fat/higher the water content, the icier the pop will be. Certainly, I have noticed that the richer my pop is, the nicer the texture (and the pops made with lots of chemical-laden ingredients, like the Philly chocolate cream cheese, have wonderful texture). If I could justify making full-fat pops, I would, for that reason. But when I’m making (and eating) an ice pop every single day, I sacrifice texture in favor of a little bit of moderation.

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