A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I am of the opinion that if you present any non-abstaining adult with a near-instant ice pop maker, and it’s only a matter of time before they ask “will this thing freeze booze?” Certainly, that was my reaction and I choose to believe that I am not alone.  After coffee pops, cocktail pops were what I was most looking forward to trying with the Zoku.
The problem with alcohol, of course, is that it does not tend to freeze. Still, I figured if I could get the ratios right, I might be able to make a boozy ice pop that both froze and also packed a respectable kick.  So I had my bartender husband mix me up what could generously be called a Cosmo:

Ok fine. It's just a vodka cranberry. At least it's good vodka.

He used a ratio of one part vodka to 2 parts cranberry juice.  I poured it in, waited a minute, and peeked.  So far, no good.  With every other pop I’ve made, by the end of the first minute freezing process is well under way.  Unfortunately, this pop did not seem to be doing much freezing.  I decided to give it a few minutes to get really cold before I poured it out then went about the business of making dinner.

Suddenly, my six-year-old skipped in, took a peek and said “look!  It’s freezing!”  And indeed it was:

It's freezing!

(by the way, if you choose to try to make alcoholic ice pops yourself, I strongly suggest waiting until your kids are asleep.  While a six-year-old can understand what an alcohol pop is, your two-year old may well spend the next twenty minutes dancing around chanting “I want an apple pop!”)

About ten minutes in, my pop was definitely getting there:


It was almost solid, but still quite soft.  I gave it another five minutes, but didn’t see any meaningful change, so I decided to try pulling it out.  And it worked!  Kind of:

Aw, so close!

My pop maintained its structural integrity just long enough to make it to a plate, then it fell apart.  It was delicious, though!

So clearly, alcoholic pops need more thought.  I know I can use a smaller amount of liquor, but eventually, what is the point?  Might as well save the alcohol for glasses and enjoy ice pops for dessert.


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