A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Yesterday our neighborhood girl scout (there seems to be only the one) came knocking at our door. As usual, husband and I got all excited and ordered several boxes of cookies, including a box of Thin Mints. I mean, who doesn’t love Thin Mints?

Apparently, us, because later that afternoon I found a new, unopened box of Thin Mints in the pantry. It ‘s hard to believe, but those cookies have been knocking around in there for almost a year! It seems that we are just not a cookie-eating family. I think we like the idea of cookies and I buy them probably once every month or two, but we very rarely actually finish a box. We don’t usually eat dessert (except ice pops, of course), and if I’m in the mood for a treat, I am far more likely to reach for some chocolate.  So cookies languish in our house.  In this case, it worked out well, because I’d been thinking of making a “thin mint” ice pop all week.  And now I could make them with actual Thin Mints!

The ingredients:

Do other food bloggers forget to clean their counters before taking photos, or is it just me?

I started with the basic chocolate recipe I posted last week — milk, half and half and Ovaltine. I wasn’t sure how minty the cookies would make the pops, so for insurance I added a drop (and I do mean just one drop!) of peppermint extract. I’ve never used it before and wasn’t sure how much to add, so the husband suggested I taste a little. Like a dummy, I did. Once I regained feeling in my tongue (today’s PSA: don’t taste peppermint extract straight), I whirled three cookies in my trusty mini food processor, stirred them in and poured immediately before they had a chance to settle to the bottom of my cup.

Usually while my pops are freezing, I use the time to get some other chores done. Today, I waited in front of those babies like a little kid. I was looking forward to them that much:

They look so yummy already!

Finally, they were ready! I managed to give the kids theirs and to take a photo of mine before digging in:

Words cannot express the deliciousness here

As expected, these were divine. Creamy, sweet, and with just the right hint of cool mintiness. The cookie crumbs stayed scattered throughout the pop instead of settling to the bottom, and they added a nice (if slightly soggy) texture. I could definitely have gotten away with at least one more drop of peppermint extract, but the pops were wonderful as-is. I will be making these again. Maybe tonight.

And you should be, too.  Though I have been using my Zoku to make pops, most of my “recipes,” including this one, would work great in traditional ice pop molds.  I highly, highly recommend that you track down a Girl Scout ASAP and make these pops.  You won’t be sorry.


Comments on: "Day 8 — Thin Mint Ice Pops" (1)

  1. I wonder if freezing the thin mints first would help with the texture. Also, I see serious frozen cocktail spin off potential here.

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