A pop a day keeps boredom away!

The kids wanted a fruit pop today, and I wanted to do something interesting, so I decided to do a striped pop. We decided on strawberry lemonade:

Strawberries and lemonade in strawberry lemonade ice pops? Who'da thunk?

First, I pureed the strawberries with a splash of lemonade. Last time I’d used strawberries, I thought they needed sugar, so I figured the lemonade will add both flavor and sweetness.

Next, I propped the Zoku up on one side, so I could get a slanted effect on my stripes. As usual, Zoku sells a fancy little gizmo for this purpose, but I decided to go with a cheaper alternative:

So high-tech and fancy

I poured in the strawberry-lemonade puree and let it freeze. Then I propped the Zoku in the other direction and poured in straight lemonade:

Once that froze, I set the Zoku straight on the counter and made one last strawberry layer.

The resulting pops were pretty and delicious:

Ignore the chipped, old nail polish, please.

The lemonade I added to the strawberries made a huge difference! The strawberry layers tasted great and had a nice consistency. The plain lemonade layer had an icier texture, but was similarly delicious. It’s clear from the photos that I need practice in making striped pops, but overall I am pleased with the effect. They looked especially pretty stacked up in a bowl:

Tomorrow: Either pudding pops or pina colada pops. Does anyone out there have a preference?


Comments on: "Day 11 — Slanty Strawberry Stripes" (1)

  1. “Yes, I like Pina Coladas. And gettin’ caught in the rain…”

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