A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Did y’all know that they make coconut flavored instant pudding? I didn’t until yesterday when I told the girls they could pick out pudding mix for ice pops. Their first choice was vanilla (stay tuned for that one later this week), but they also chose coconut cream. I had some pineapple at home, and a pop idea was born.

(also, ever since that grocery run, I’ve been singing the Pina Colada song in my head. This is annoying for several reasons. For one thing, I can’t remember all the words. For another, the entire premise of the song is people planning to cheat on each other, which I don’t find amusing. Plus it’s a really bad song.)

The pops were simple to make, with only three ingredients:

They all seem so innocent...

I added about 1/3 more milk to the pudding than it called for, because I needed it thin enough to pour. I ran the pineapple through the food processor until it was in rough chunks (somewhat smaller than canned crushed pineapple), and stirred it into the pudding.

The first batch didn’t pour well — I hadn’t added enough milk to the mixture:

take one -- messy pops

I added another generous splash of milk, and the second batch poured much better:

Can you guess which two were poured after I added more milk?

The finished product.

The finished pops were interesting. The consistency was nice — creamy and flecked with coconut and pineapple. And at first, the flavor was good, but there was an unpleasant bitter aftertaste. I didn’t finish my pop, and neither did two of the four kids who tried them. But my kids and one other adult finished theirs without complaint (A — if you’re reading this, were you just being polite?) I wish I’d tasted the pudding alone to see if that was the source. I know it wasn’t the pineapple, but maybe it was the two flavors coming together that didn’t work? I’ll have to try this one again some day to be sure.


Comments on: "Day 12 — Pina Colada Ice Pops" (2)

  1. I liked the pop, mine didn’t seem bitter and E ate all hers too. I will say it didn’t remind me of pina colada at all – but I did enjoy a milky pop with some coconut flakes in it. And I love that darn song tune, but the subject matter is pretty repulsing. Maybe the additional milk curdled the pineapple?!?

  2. […] on Day 12, I made my first attempt at a Pina Colada pop, and it wasn’t very successful. But last week, […]

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