A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I mentioned yesterday that I was tempted to keep trying to make decorated pops, and I wasn’t kidding. I wanted practice in arranging the decorations, and I wanted to try different kids of decorations to see what would work the best. So today, another pop that’s more about looks than about taste.

Yesterday’s apple decorations worked pretty well. The apples adhered to the molds nicely, froze well and were tasty. The only problem with them is their lack of color — with a darker pop base, they look nice, but they would be lost in a lighter base. So I decided to try a darker colored decoration with a light juice, and see what happened:

Just pineapple juice for the pop part.

As I mentioned yesterday, you need two tools for decorated pops. In case you can’t tell from the photo, my decorating material was fruit leather pieces from Trader Joe’s. They’re ends and scraps, which makes them perfect for cutting into decorative shapes.

For my application tool, I decided to try my offset spatula. It’s too narrow for a complicated design, but I hoped that its uniform, rounded edge would make getting the decorations towards the bottoms of the molds easier than it had been with yesterday’s pie server.

I used my little flower-shaped fondant cutters this time:

I arranged my flowers on the spatula and stuck them in. But…they didn’t stick! My cute little flowers just fell off the side of the molds.

Hmm. Well, that wasn’t what I expected. Ok, no problem. I’d just take a little juice and wet the fruit leather so it would stick.

Huh. That didn’t work, either. The bigger flower stuck, but all the little ones were just falling all over. Ok, fine. I kept trying and was eventually able to hey a few to stick, but nothing like I was hoping. I finally gave up and just filled the mold. Yesterday’s cranberry juice pop had been very translucent, so I decided to throw a few of the little flowers into the mold in the hope that the pineapple juice would similarly let them shine through.

The finished pops:

I think the fruit leather has potential, but I didn’t like the way these pops turned out. As you can see, the tiny flowers I threw into the pops just sank and aren’t particularly visible. Plus, the small flowers that are visible bear a disturbing resemblance to pepperoni slices.

I did like the larger flower, though. I think if I can just figure out the best way to get them applied, I could make some really cool decorated pops.


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