A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Day 21 — Mimosa Ice Pops

Since my failed attempt at a vodka pop a while back, I’d been leery of trying alcoholic ice pops again. Sure, the idea sounds good — who wouldn’t want a cocktail that is literally ice cold? But combine the small capacity of the pop maker (2 oz) and the fact that you have to use a fairly low ratio of liquor to non-alcoholic ingredients, and you have something that’s more of a gimmick than anything else.

Still, I had to try at least one more alcoholic pop, just to see if it would work. This time, I looked to the experts — the Zoku Blog has a mimosa recipe — and learned that the proper ratio for juice to alcohol is 3:1. Okay, then:

In case you've never had a mimosa before, they contain orange juice and champagne. Calcium fortified juice is optional.

The clementine in the photo isn’t technically an ingredient in a mimosa. It’s there for decorative purposes. I love the look of citrus slices — they have always seemed like little works of art in and of themselves. I hoped to capture that sparkling, translucent look in my mimosa pop.

Of course, I had trouble placing the clementine slices in the molds. I managed to get one in fine, but the second one managed to stick to both sides of the mold at the same time right at the top of the mold. I had to tear it off to get the stick in.

The finished pops didn’t come out with perfect orange slices, but they did look nice. And more importantly, they were delicious — certainly better tasting that the mimosa I poured myself to drink while waiting for the pops to be done.  The alcohol made them softer than most of the ice pops I’ve made, and they melted much faster.

Plus, it turned out that my “oops” pop, the one where the clementine slice stuck where I didn’t want it to, was actually really cool. I loved the little half-moon arching from the bottom of the pop.

I love it when the plan totally falls apart, then comes together.

Anyway, happy Saturday, everyone!  I’m off to make another mimosa or three.  I’m sure it’s brunch o’clock somewhere.


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