A pop a day keeps boredom away!

After several days of concentrating on pretty pops, I decided today was a day for flat-out deliciousness. And the pop on the menu today filled the bill perfectly.

The ingredients:

Milk, cream, ovaltine, malted milk powder, Whoppers.

I think this is the most ingredients I’ve used in a pop so far, but it was well worth it. I made my basic chocolate pop base (2 oz each milk and half & half, plus a heaping spoonful and a half of Ovaltine). To that basic recipe, I added a heaping 1.5 spoonfuls of the malted milk powder. I also crushed up about 8 Whoppers:

Don't crush them up too much, you want them chunky.

This is the first time I’d tried to add candy to an ice pop, and figuring the best way to get it distributed took some trial and error. For the first pop, I put a heaping spoonful of the crushed-up Whoppers straight into the mold, poured the base until just under the fill line, then tried to spoon another batch of Whoppers in. I figured the candy would sink and (I hope) distribute itself throughout the pop. Turns out that Whoppers float, so they didn’t fall into the pop at all.  I had to poke them down with the spoon.

For the other two pops, I still spooned some candy directly into the molds first, but then I filled them only halfway, stopping to add a layer of Whoppers. Then I filled them most of the rest of the way and added a last layer of candy. From a distribution perspective, this was the better method.
You can make out the layers in the finished pops:

it took me almost a month to realize that Zoku sticks will stand on their own.

The pops were, as expected, delicious. I deliberately tried to add more candy to each then I thought they needed, and it was a good call. Every bite had at least one tiny nugget of malt ball, and it really made for a fun dessert. The candy didn’t melt or soak up the base; it remained crisp.

The only real problem with these pops was the cleanup. The Whoppers I had spooned into the bottom of the molds made quite a mess:

It took a handful of paper towels and a fair amount of elbow grease to clean all the malted milk crumbs out the molds (you cannot clean the frozen Zoku with water when it’s still frozen, for fairly obvious reasons).

I was so pleased with how well these turned out that I am currently plotting versions will different kinds of candy. I’d imagine a Reese’s pop would be amazing.


Comments on: "Day 22 — Malted Milk Ball Ice Pops" (1)

  1. I know it’s not candy, but I hope there is an Oreo pop in the works!

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