A pop a day keeps boredom away!

For the first time in days, I made ice pops for the kids today. As is usually the case when I make pops for the kids, I wanted to go with something fruit based and reasonably healthy. I decided to do a yogurt-and-berry pop:

Yogurt, berries, honey. How did I not notice the mess on the counter while I was taking this photo?

This pop took a little bit more prep work than most — I needed to puree each of the three berries with a little yogurt and a squirt of honey (I didn’t take a photo, but I ended up also adding a generous splash of milk to each berry mixture to make them thinner). But I wanted the pops striped, rather than just mixing all of the berries together.

Anyway, the extra time was worth it.  The finished pops were gorgeous. Believe me when I tell you that the photos don’t even come close to doing them justice:

Objects in the photo may be more beautiful than they appear.

Foe once, the thickness of my pop base was an asset, rather than a liability, because this color combination lent itself well to uneven, slightly slanted stripes.  I didn’t do anything to get them that way; the base just didn’t flow into even layers when I poured.   The effect was reminiscent of a sunset or, as my husband put it, very Arizona.

Oooohhh. Aaaahhhh.

These were pure pleasure to eat. They were just so pretty that it made me smile every time I took a bite. They also tasted pretty good, with each berry having a distinct flavor but also working as part of a whole. They were a good reminder that healthy foods can feel decadent, too.


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