A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Here in my corner of the South, we have had a very mild winter. I think maybe the temperature has dropped below freezing once, possibly twice. But overall, the days have been mild and this past week has been downright springy.

It’s not a surprise, then, that the patch of mint in my backyard has been thriving all winter. My eldest child likes to go back there and play garden and yesterday she presented me with a big batch of mint she’d picked. I hated to see it go to waste, so:

You'd think I could at least make my own lemonade. You'd think wrong.

I guess I could have made the lemonade from scratch to make this more like a recipe, but I’ve made lemonade before. Believe me, the bottled stuff tastes just as good (and this brand has none of that dietary boogeyman, high fructose corn syrup). I figured there was no need to complicate things.

Anyway, I wanted to infuse the pops with mint flavor, but I didn’t want to be chewing on mint leaves while eating my ice pop. So I muddled the mint with a little of the lemonade, then put the resulting mush into a tea strainer ball and dropped it into my cup of lemonade.

Ideally, I would have let the mixture steep for a good while. However, I was in a hurry and poured my ice pops after only about 5 minutes of steeping.

The finished pops had a very mild mint flavor, barely a hint. But they were cool and icy and very springy.

This was one of those days where decorating the pops would have been interesting, but to the detriment of the pops’ taste. I think it would have looked lovely if I’d have stuck some of the mint leaves to the sides of the molds. But nothing about the idea of chewing on frozen leaves was appealing, so I chose function over form. Makes for a dull photo, I know.

I’m really excited about the pops I have planned for the coming week. I have a few different lime-based recipes on tap, plus an ice-cream inspired flavor and I think maybe one candy-based pop. So stay tuned!


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