A pop a day keeps boredom away!

When I bought several limes at the grocery store this weekend, it was with the idea of making at least three lime-based pops this week. Yesterday’s debacle put an end to that idea, but I did still have one lime left. I also had a very ripe mango sitting around, and so a pop was born:

It started out so simple...

The original idea was to have a two-ingredient pop. Lime, mango and nothing else. But I think these were maybe atomic limes or something. The juice from every one I bought was sour to the point of effervescence. The lime juice easily overpowered the mango, so I tried to tweak the recipe to calm things down.

Sugar didn’t do it. Milk didn’t do it. Yogurt didn’t do it. I finally gave up and froze what I had:

These pops were…not good. They had no real flavor at all, just that fizzy tartness. Still, they looked nice and both kids ate them happily. Which leads me to believe that these children will eat anything I freeze into a popsicle. Don’t worry, I promise never to post a grilled chicken pop.


Comments on: "Day 31 — Mango Lime Ice Pops" (1)

  1. Want some banana pudding with the chessman cookies

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