A pop a day keeps boredom away!

During the winter, we go through a lot of frozen fruit in my house. Peaches are among my favorites, since they’re flavorful, they thaw fast and they don’t turn everything they touch purple. I like to mix them into yogurt, and if I’d had a chance to make pops today while the kids were awake, I’d have done that. But since I waited until after they went to sleep, I figured I could get away with a less-healthy version:

I pureed a handful of thawed peaches with a generous splash of lemonade, then used my basic vanilla recipe for the “cream” layers. As usual, I had some difficulty pouring the layers neatly until my husband dug through our junk drawer and found this:

We've lived in this house six years, and I have never noticed that we own a tiny little funnel.

These pops turned out cute. I’m glad I opted for several small layers, because that way I was able to get a little of each layer into each bite.

I love that the thickness of the peach puree gave me slightly slanted, tiger-ish stripes. They weren’t neat, but they did look interesting. Plus, they tasted great. I’m looking forward to trying more combinations of frozen fruit and cream.


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