A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Aside from ice pops, I am trying really hard to limit my sweets these days.  When I’m newly(ish) postpartum, it’s all too easy for me to snack on chocolate all day long.  That’s not good for me or the baby, so I’ve stopped buying chocolate.  As a result, all week I have been craving chocolate and heading to the pantry, only to find an empty corner where I usually keep my stash. And thought it’s intentionally empty, the fact that I don’t have any chocolate has been making me grouchy.

Tonight was particularly bad, so I made a chocolate ice pop in the hope that it would satisfy my craving. As usual, I wanted to make it a little interesting, so I enlisted my friends the Girl Scouts:

Does anyone know when/why they stopped calling these cookies "Trefoils?"

Making the pop was simple — about 1.5 ounces of pudding, .5 ounce of milk to thin it out for pouring, and one crushed-up trefoil. I only made one pop because (a) I suspect that my 3-year-old threw out one of my pop sticks, and (b) I currently have a backlog of uneaten pops in the freezer, leaving me with just one clean stick.

I can't figure out how I managed to make a lopsided pop.

The pop was delicious, but it did nothing to satisfy my chocolate craving. This particular craving is as much about texture as it is flavor, and even the best ice pop can’t replicate the mouthfeel of chocolate. Still, the pop was chocolatey, with a nice balance of creamy vs. crunchy. Plus, it left me too full to contemplate ransacking the pantry in the hopes that I’ll find a stray Halloween candy (preferably from 2011, but I’m not fancy.  Any year will do).  So I’m calling it a success.


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