A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Today’s pop was going to be so good, y’all.  I had an idea for how I could use peanut butter in a pop — by blending it with milk and another ingredient:

I did that, and the mixture looked promising.  But when I went to remove the pops, I started having problems.  Instead of that little “click” that comes right before my pop starts lifting out, there was a “pop” and then the remover-screw just started spinning around.  I took it off, and the stick had pulled out of the pop.  I put the Zoku in the freezer in the hope that getting the pops really, really frozen would make them come out.

10 minutes later, and it was clear that my pops weren’t coming out.  Next I tried to kind of spackle the pops together using milk, on the theory that the milk would freeze and bond the sticks back to the pops.  No dice.  The most successful of those attempts ended up like this:

So for the second time, I’m left letting the Zoku thaw so I can clean it out.  I’m bummed, because I had plans for a very cool Valentine’s Day pop tomorrow.  I’m going to have to adjust that plan…


Comments on: "Day 44 — Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Pops (sort of)" (1)

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