A pop a day keeps boredom away!

My Zoku is still out of commission after yesterday’s disaster (it’s fine; just won’t be frozen enough for pop making until tomorrow). For today’s pop, I’m going with plan B.

Long beofore I ever heard of Zoku, I had put these babies on my Amazon wish list. I liked that they didn’t involve sticks so would theoretically be neater than traditional popsicles (with a toddler involved, neatness is key). They languished on my list for over a year, until Christmas when my husband decided to get me some of the older things from my wish list. Of course, mere moments later, I opened my Zoku and the rest has (so far) been history.

Anyway, I pulled them out today.  For their inaugural run, I stuck with the most basic of the basics — plain old lemonade.  I stood them up in the freezer and walked away.  I wanted to do something basic to get an idea of how the molds worked.

They work pretty well, as it happens.  They weren’t as push-uppy as I’d thought, but I was able to kind of “pop” the pop out of the mold then just hold it from the bottom.  It was neat, clean and easy to eat.  I think these will be great for the kids.  (In fact, I had planned to give these pops to the kids, but then the kindergartener came home with a mountain of Valentine candy and I figured she had enough sweets).

I still prefer the Zoku, but these will more than do in a pinch.


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