A pop a day keeps boredom away!

When I was a little girl, the house we lived in had a really large 70s-style wet bar, complete with a floor-to-ceiling wine rack. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of playing in that bar (as I recall, the wine rack almost never held wine, and was thus a great place to stash toys and through which to hold top-secret conversations).  Anyway, my dad used to make us “cocktails,” and I recall particularly liking his Pina Coladas.  He made them with coconut cream, which at the time I thought was terribly sophisticated. To this day, I am fond of that coconut-pineapple combination, and I was determined to recreate it in an icepop.

Back on Day 12, I made my first attempt at a Pina Colada pop, and it wasn’t very successful. But last week, my Target had coconut yogurt on clearance (I am a total sucker for clearance sales), so I figured it was time to try again:

Go buy this yogurt, now. Trust me. You'll be glad.

To be honest, I’ve been planning this pop for a week and kept putting off making it. I thought the idea could work, but it wasn’t exactly exciting.  But all of my doubts were dispelled when I tasted the yogurt. This stuff is AMAZING. It tastes exactly like cream of coconut! I actually had to stop myself from just eating it and figuring something else out for today’s ice pop.  But I exercised some self control.

To the yogurt I added about 1/3 of a cup of the juice from the can of pineapples. I also minced one of the pineapple slices, and tossed chunks into the pops as I poured.

These pops nailed it. They tasted just like the pina coladas my dad made (though I confess I have no idea how that compares to the real cocktail). It’s rare that I finish a pop and immediately want another one (I think it’s happened twice before), but I do tonight.  I’m calling this my definitive pina colada ice pop recipe.


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