A pop a day keeps boredom away!

My youngest child is almost six months old, and for the most part I’ve adjusted to being a mother of three. But there is no denying that my days are busier than they used to be, and one of the things I consistently find myself too busy to do is drink enough water. Often, dinner time will roll around and I’ll find myself desperate for a drink, then think back a realize all I’ve had that day was my morning coffee.

Today was one of those days. So when it came time to make today’s pop, all I really wanted was something that would help quench my thirst:

To make up for the simplicity of the ingredients, I decided to put to work all of the lessons I’ve learned so far about making layered pops:

Lesson One: Measure for even layers. For this pop, I decided to freeze my juices (and I use that term loosely, since I’m well aware that both of the beverages I used are actually mostly water and sugar, with a little juice thrown in for flavor) in one-teaspoon stripes.

Lesson Two: Find a neat way to pour. For this, I used the tiny black funnel I mentioned in an earlier post.

Lesson Three:  Be patient. Wait for one layer to freeze completely (or darn close to it) before pouring the next, so the layers stay clean.

Following all of those lessons meant this pop was somewhat more time consuming than usual (it took me a half an hour to make), but the result was great:

Neat, even, beautiful.

Not only was my pop pretty, but it was exactly what I needed tonight. I feel less parched already.


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