A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Having discovered that delicious coconut yogurt the other day, I was champing at the bit to see if the brand’s other flavors were nearly as good, so:

Lemon yogurt, milk, raspberry sauce

The raspberry sauce was leftover from breakfast Sunday morning, and is nothing more than frozen raspberries cooked down with a splash of lemonade. We ate it over pancakes, then I hoarded the rest for pop-making.

This was my second attempt at a “swirl” pop and as you’ll see below, I still don’t have a useful technique down. If I stir enough to evenly distribute the swirl flavor, it generally just blends into the base. I suspect that if I had left the yogurt thicker I would have had a more successful swirl effect, but I didn’t want to take the chance that these pops would stick.

They turned out nice enough, if not exactly how I’d envisioned them:

As for flavor, they weren’t as fantastic as the Pina Colada pops from last week. The lemon flavor was nowhere near as pronounced as the coconut had been, so the pop pretty much tasted like creamy raspberry. Good, but not all I’d hoped they would be.


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