A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Today was a better day then yesterday, so I had the time and energy to make a more ambitious pop. Specifically, Orange Cream pops, a childhood favorite.

The ingredients:

OJ, cream, sugar, vanilla. Triscuts are not among the ingredients. I just forgot to put them away.

I used all cream instead of a cream/milk mixture because honestly? We’d just finished our last bit of milk and I was too lazy to open the next carton. I think a mixture would be fine, though I’d use more cream than milk. This pop needs the texture.

Since I was only making one pop (we have a backlog here), I used 1.5 ounces of cream, a healthy splash of vanilla (probably a little less than a teaspoon) and a heaping teaspoon of sugar, though not all of it dissolved and made it into the pop.
The technique was the same as yesterday: pour, pause, suck, pour, wait. It all went smoothly.

When I was a kid, I liked to eat my creamcicles by carefully biting off the orange layer and eating the cream part last. I was delighted to see I could kind of do the same thing with this pop, though not as neatly or completely.

Once again, I had difficulty getting a good shot of the pop’s inside. I really need to figure out the macro function on my camera. In the meantime, here are the best shots I could muster:

These pops tasted great, and they evoked pleasant childhood memories.  I was glad I used a lot of vanilla, because it was necessary to allow the cream center stand apart from the outside of the pop.


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