A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I don’t buy soda very often; usually when I do it’s for guests and it tends to languish in the pantry until we eventually throw it out. But today we were out and about and I was suddenly parched, and for some reason I bought a huge bottle of soda. I finished about half, and decided to use the rest in an ice pop:

I’ve actually meant to make a root beer float pop for some time. I’ve even bought the root beer flavoring to do it, but I never seem to find a good time. But the idea of an ice cream soda pop sounded good, so I decided to go ahead and use the cola.

One of the warnings that came with my Zoku was that you cannot use it for carbonated beverages (not sure why), so before I could make my pops I needed to flatten my soda. I shook the bottle up a couple of times, then left it out on the counter for about an hour. After that, it was quite flat and ready to go.

Now, normally when I make a filled pop, I just drink the liquid I suck out of the molds. I tried that with the first of these pops, which was a mistake. Turns out warm, flat Pepsi is nasty stuff. For the other two pops, I sucked up the middles, but discarded the liquid.

These pops came out interesting. They slid out of the molds very easily — I almost didn’t need to use the release tool — and left a fair amount of frozen soda behind. I assumed that would mean the pops would be soft, but they were firmly frozen.

These pops were kind of a dud. The soda layer was very sweet, but seemed to lose all of its cola flavor (which mystifies me, since frozen coke is so good). The middle layer tasted the same as it always does since it was the usual vanilla recipe. I can only think that the root beer pops will taste better. If I ever get around to making them.


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