A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Day 57 — Nutella Ice Pops

When I’m making ice pops, I usually really like to work out my own recipes. I can’t, of course, claim that all of the pops I make are my original ideas. But I do enjoy the trial-and-error process of making my own “recipes.”

Today’s pop is not my own recipe, however. I found it on Pinterest, which led me back to this site. The recipe I used is actually from “Julie’s” comment on that blog post — she called for 1/2 cup of milk and 1/6 cup of Nutella to make 3 ice pops. I stuck as closely as I could to these proportions without actually measuring my Nutella. I just used a big glob and assumed it was close enough.

It’s important to note that Nutella does not willingly play well with others. It did not want to dissolve smoothly into the milk. If I were a more patient and forward-thinking person, I’d have melted it in earlier in the day then chilled the mixture. But since I usually make my base mixtures moments before I freeze them, I didn’t want to warm it up too much. I just accepted the fact that my mixture wouldn’t be smooth.  It turned out not to matter in the finished pop.

Given the proportions here, I was rather shocked at how deep and rich these pops came out. The Nutella flavor really shines, and the texture is nice and soft. These are a definite hit, and I think they will lend themselves to all sorts of customization in the future.

On another note, the wonderful Domestic Diva, MD nominated me for the “Versatile Blogger” award, and I am both honored and grateful.  The rules of the award are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 7 more bloggers that you enjoy.
  4. Contact the bloggers that you have chosen to let them know that they have been nominated!

My Seven things:

1.  I am an identical twin.

2.  I love the idea of crafts, but am terrible at following through on projects.  Somewhere in my house are wonky, crooked, half-finished baby blankets for each of my kids.

3.  I grew up in New Jersey, but now that I live in North Carolina I can barely understand why everybody doesn’t live here.  Then I read about our legislature’s recent hijinks and I remember.

4.  I love to read. Sara Paretsky and Laurie R. King are among my favorite authors, because they write strong, smart, difficult women.

5.  I am constantly singing to my kids.

6.  I am a homebody.  Given the choice, I will almost always choose to stay at home and play board games with my husband rather than go out.

7.  Speaking of husbands, I’m pretty certain mine is the best one ever, for many reasons.  I kind of feel like I won the lottery the day I met him.

I am going to have to nominate my seven bloggers tomorrow, as it’s getting late and this post is already quite long.

The Bloggers I am nominating are:

1.  Savory Simple — I love her photos and the originality of her recipes.

2.  Obscure and Demure — Just plain fun.

3.  Trials in Food — I love her concept.

4.  Going Dutch and Loving It — One of the most interesting blogs I’ve seen in a while, with fantastic photography.

(I’m sorry, y’all.  I’m going to have to finish this post tomorrow night.  The baby just woke up and I need to get this posted).


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  1. keep going – from Zoku SOuth Africa

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