A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Chocolate covered pretzels are one of the world’s great treats. Salty, sweet and creamy; everything you’d want, really. So I decided to make them in ice pop form:

Instead of using my usual chocolate base, I decided to make a second pop using that great Philly chocolate stuff I’d posted about a while back. I went back to that post to remind myself of the proportions involved only to realize I hadn’t posted proportions. Oops.

Let’s fix that — 2 parts milk to one part of the chocolate spread. So, for three pops, I used a half cup of milk then enough of the chocolate to fill to the 3/4 cup line (so, 2 ounces). Then I crushed up seven small pretzels, which I layered into the molds with the base. I put rather a lot of pretzels into each pop, because I really wanted the pretzels to be the centerpiece of the pops, not just a minor inclusion.

The pretzels are hard to see from far away, so let’s go in for a closeup:

Mmm. Pretzels.

These pops were great. Putting lots of pretzels in was the right call, because it allowed their salt and crunch to shine through. Amazingly, just that addition made this pop taste completely different from the plain version I’d made the first time.  Definitely a worthy variation.


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