A pop a day keeps boredom away!

For a few years in there, my eldest daughter’s favorite flavor of ice cream (aside from “pink”) was mint chocolate chip, and so I made today’s pops with her in mind:

I used a modified version of my vanilla base recipe — 3 ounces each milk and half & half and a scant tablespoon of sugar. To this I added approximately 1/2 teaspoon of mint extract and two drops of green food coloring. The coloring is not, of course, strictly necessary. But white pops are boring to look at, so I decided to tint them green.

If truth be told, I hadn’t meant to put as much mint extract in these pops as I did. I really only wanted to put in a drop or two, but somehow I managed to get distracted just as I was pouring the extract and much more ended up in the base than I’d intended.  And a good thing, too, because these pops were perfectly minty. The chocolate chips served as a great counterbalance to the mint flavor and hep it from being overpowering. As a result, these pops tasted great.

If I have one issue with these pops, it’s that I should have used a better ratio of cream to milk. While the pops tasted creamy enough, they had a very icy, squeaky consistency. It wasn’t a huge problem, but it wasn’t very pleasant, either.

Overall, these were fun, refreshing pops. I think my daughter will love hers.


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