A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Today was another “forgot to drink” day, so I really needed a thirst-quenching pop:

This combo works well in muffins, so I figured it was worth a shot in ice pops.

Since I was once again doing a pop with simple ingredients, I decided to play with the visuals. To make this design, I propped the Zoku at a rather extreme (probably about 45 degrees) angle using a board book (hey, you use what you’ve got!). I used a small funnel to pour one tablespoon at a time into the molds. As each layer froze, I turned the Zoku around to angle it in the opposite direction.

They look like little flags. Or teeth.

I love the way these pops came out — you’d never guess it was the same stripe technique that I used to make these pops a few weeks back. And yet, the only differences were the angle of tilt and the fact that I alternated directions.  I love how such a simple technique can make such cool looking ice pops.


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