A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Back when I made my Nutella and banana pops, Ali of Obscure and Demure posted on my facebook page that if they made Nutella Magic Shell, I’d be a billionaire. Well, I have three kids to put through college, so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! (picture me saying that it my best Barney Stinson voice).

Basic vanilla ice pop ingredients, plus Nutella and coconut oil.

For this experiment, I went with a basic vanilla ice pop. I wanted something very neutral so I’d have a better chance at tasting whether the Nutella shell was any good.

I used the same proportions here that I did for the chocolate and peanut butter magic shells I’ve tried before — a simple 1:1 ratio. I put both in a sandwich bag and microwaved for 20 seconds, then squished it all together until it was well-mixed.

Once the pops were frozen, I made a tiny snip in the corner of the bag and went to town. And it worked! The coating stayed liquid for a few seconds (long enough to allow for some spreading of the shell mixture), but then hardened up nicely. Even better, once it had hardened, it had a nice little snap to it.

Taste wise, the Nutella flavor does get a little diluted with the addition of the coconut oil. This is a mixture I’d suggest using for dipping, rather than drizzling — I made the back of one of the pops a pretty much solid shell of Nutella, and it had far more impact than the parts with just a drizzle. But this definitely worked great. I can’t wait to try it on other flavors of pops.

As for me, I’ll be over here waiting for my billions to roll in.


Comments on: "Day 73 — Vanilla Ice Pops with Nutella Magic Shell" (3)

  1. OK, I can’t send you a billion, but you are my frozen dessert hero!

  2. Oh… and that is… Legen… wait for it… DAIRY! (get it, dairy? ha!)

  3. I love you. You had me at Zoku, but then you threw in Barney Stinson and it was all over. I just wrote a blog about the Zoku and mentioned you. Hope you don’t mind!

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