A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Today’s pop was made by my husband, since I zonked out on the sofa about 2.3 minutes after the kids fell asleep. This cold, or allergies, or whatever the heck is going on, took another turn for the worse today and I was just done. Faced with the prospect of a pop-less day, hubby stepped in and made one for me.

Hubby was very proud at his placement of the strawberries in the pop, and I must say I was impressed. He says he used a toothpick to nudge them into place, but I’m not sure how he managed to keep the berries from sticking to the tops of the molds and getting stuck.

Regardless, the pops looked cool:

Once again, Hubby has shown himself to be a great pinch hitter here. I’m so grateful to have the backup for days like today.


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