A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Today, I decided to have a little fun with making a decorated pop. I’d picked up a set of decorations a little while ago, and wanted to see if I could use them on an ice pop:

I decided to use the little nonpareils on the basic chocolate ice pop recipe. The challenge, of course, is getting them to stick to the ice pops. The logical way to do it would be to dip the pops into a magic shell mixture first, to provide the “glue,” but I wanted to see if it could be done without adding a chocolate layer.

As soon as I pulled the pop, I dipped it quickly into warm water, then immediately into a plate of the nonpareils. As you can see, it worked a little bit:

My plate was a little concave, so between that and the part of the Zoku stick that jutted out, even coverage was difficult. Still, anywhere that the pop could actually touch down on the nonpareils got a nice, thick coating.

I don’t think I’d recommend decorating pops this way for just plain eating, as the round sprinkles are too crunchy to really work on the pop. But for a look, they’re very nice.


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