A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Today’s pop might be the most decadent one I’ve ever made (though I think I’m going to top it later this week). Anyway, let’s get to it:

Cheesecake base, chocolate chips, coconut oil, chopped pecans, caramel sauce.

Anyway, I used the basic cheesecake recipe. While it was freezing, I melted the chocolate chips with the coconut oil (I used a really low proportion of the coconut oil, because I didn’t want the shell to go solid too quickly). As soon as I unmolded the pop, I dipped it into the chocolate, then immediately into the pecans. Then I drizzled the whole thing with the caramel sauce:

Is anyone drooling?

These pops were kind of over the top, though I mean that in a mostly good way. They were really, really (really, really) rich. To be honest, I couldn’t finish mine. That said, what I did eat tasted amazing. It’s a great combination of textures and flavors and surprisingly, the cheesecake flavor of the ice pop held its own against the chocolate and the caramel. This is one of those “make it to impress your friends” pops.


Comments on: "Day 101 — Turtle Cheesecake Ice Pops" (1)

  1. I’m drooling. That looks yummy!

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