A pop a day keeps boredom away!

You knew these had to happen, right?

I had to try to combine Nutella and cheesecake. I just had to. The trick was in finding a balance that would capture the richness of the two primary ingredients, while making a pop firm enough that the pops wouldn’t get stuck in the molds. As usual, I went with trial and error, which resulted in a vastly large batch of base. As it happens, that’s a good thing.

The recipe:

1 very heaping teaspoon (probably equivalent to a measuring tablespoon) of Nutella
2 ounces of cream cheese
1slightly heaping teaspoon sour cream
1 tablespoon sugar

To that, I added enough milk that I ended up with 12 ounces of base. I blended the whole shebang in my Baby Bullet (FYI, don’t buy a Baby Bullet. Great idea, tricky operation) and froze.

The Husband was greatly amused as I chanted “don’t stick, don’t stick” as I unmolded my pops. But it worked!

These were so, so good! The initial taste was all Nutella, but the finish (don’t I sound all wine-drinky and pretentious?) was definitely cheesecake. Basically, these pops are totally worth buying a Zoku. Try them now.


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