A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Ok, so I have made strawberry ice pops before (though never, to my recollection, without at least one additional ingredient). But these count as a new ice pop because they’re special. Really! They’re made out of these:

These are not just strawberries! These are fresh, local strawberries picked just hours ago by my team of workers. I mean, kids. And the best part is, they begged me to allow them to pick a whole bucket of berries. Tom Sawyer had nothing on these pick-your-own farms.

Yes, it’s strawberry season in the south. It’s an event I wait for all year long, because no fruit tastes as good as a freshly-picked strawberry (except maybe a freshly-picked peach, but they’re not out for another 3 months). I adore strawberry season, and I’m always looking for ways to capture the flavor of really good berries, because we all know that the ones they truck across the country the rest of the year don’t taste anywhere near as good.

In my quest, I have tried drying strawberries (failure. They tasted awful) and freezing them (more successful). This year, I intend to make jam, but I also couldn’t resist making an ice pop.

These pops are just strawberries pureed in my Baby Bullet (still hating that thing, by the way). I didn’t add any sweeteners or other liquid, beyond whatever water clung to the berries after I washed them. The puree was quite thick, but it poured well enough.

These were delicious and tasted fresh and springy, but they didn’t capture (or preserve, I guess) the flavor of the berries as well as I’d have liked. In fact, I suspect they’re not much better than if I’d made them with frozen berries or with that puree I’ve used before. Hmm. I think it’s time for my first-ever ingredient showdown. Tune in tomorrow for that (unless I get distracted by something shiny and decide to make a different pop instead).


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