A pop a day keeps boredom away!

The Arnold Palmer is my favorite beverage for a summer afternoon. Not too sweet (at least, not the way I drink it), nice and cold, and just the right amount of caffeine. So there was no doubt I’d be making it into an ice pop.

Some people also add mint and/or simple syrup. I'm too lazy for that (though I totally wouldn't put it past me to make one of these with mint at some point and pass it off as a "new" pop).

Of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and so I decided to make this a core pop, rather than just mixing the lemonade and tea and freezing the mixture.

Because my tea was unsweetened, I made it the inner layer of the pop. I let them lemonade freeze rather longer than I would have if I were making a regular core pop, because I wanted the two flavors to be in rough balance.

The inside view.

Turns out, by making this a core pop, I was too clever by half. The lemonade layer was nice, with the soft, bitable texture I’ve come to expect from my Zoku pops. The tea layer was hard. Really, really hard. Like ice, actually.

I know, right? Who’d have thought? Turns out the injunction against freezing unsweetened liquids in the Zoku isn’t just about the possibility of the pops sticking (more on that tomorrow). It’s about the totally inedible texture of the resulting pops.

Next time, I’ll keep it simple.


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