A pop a day keeps boredom away!

So yesterday, while I was making my Arnold Palmer ice pop, I decided to get a little naughty.  I decided to see what would happen if I tried to make an ice pop out of unsweet tea (as it’s known here in the south.  Everywhere else, it’s just called “iced tea.”)

I know, the Zoku Ice Pop Maker manual must warn a million times that you are not to put unsweetened liquids in the Zoku, but like a toddler in front of a hot stove, I had to see for myself.  So I did.

What can I say? I'm a rebel.

As I waited for the pops to freeze, I pondered what would happen.  Would trying to remove the pop break its stick?  Would nothing happen at all?  Once it was finally frozen (10 minutes is a long time when you’ve got the patience of a 5-year-old), I applied my pop remover thingy with much anticipation.


It came out! No problems, no hassle.

Now, if you read yesterday’s post, you know that unsweet tea doesn’t so much work inside an ice pop, because the texture is, well, like ice.  And so it was with this pop.  Still, I can see it being nice on a hot day to have an ice pop you can suck on, even if you can’t really bite it.

This opens up a whole new world of pop possibilities.


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