A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I got a new big bucket o’ strawberries today, so brace yourselves for more strawberry pops this week.

First up, strawberry creamsicle. It’s been a rough day, so no ingredients shot today. But I mixed 3 large strawberries with about a teaspoon each of sugar and water. I really want to say that my fruit-based ice pops don’t need sugar, but sadly that’s not the case. Adding the sugar smooths out the flavor and produces a less-icy texture.

Anyway, I also made a small amount of the basic vanilla ice pop base (I only made one pop today, so I needed only around an ounce of the vanilla).

I poured the strawberry base, waited about 20 seconds, sipped out the middle and poured the vanilla. Ten minutes later:

This pop was so, so good. Better, I dare say, then actual creamsicles. I may need to make this one again.


Comments on: "Day 115 — Strawberry Creamsicle Ice Pops" (4)

  1. this looks sooooo yummy. thanks for sharing all the fun ideas/recipes. Do you have more exact measurements? I have been hit or miss with them sticking or not. I saw your trouble shooting post and I honestly think it has to do with my recipe and the right amounts of sugar/fat. I know if I can get the basics down it’ll be awesome. (ie chocolate base, vanilla base, etc.) My kids don’t mind the “mistakes” either. =0) thanks again, Kelly

    • For the vanilla base, I use equal parts milk to half & half. To make three pops (so, 3 ounces each of milk & half & half), I use 2-3 teaspoons of sugar and a generous splash (1/2-1 teaspoon) of vanilla. I scale up or down depending on how many pops I’m making (for instance, today, I used about a teaspoon of sugar to make enough for one pop.). For the strawberries, I pretty much eyeballed it. I have made strawberry pops before with no added sugar, and they didn’t stick, so probably with them the added sugar is about taste more than about not sticking.

      I have posted more exact recipes in the past — I think vanilla base is Day 28, can’t remember which day was chocolate base, but you can search for them.

  2. Found the choc base- day 4 =0) I had searched before but didn’t realize about the “older Post” button. oops

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