A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I my post last week about ice pop troubleshooting, I mentioned that there are some substances that are too sweet to freeze solid. At the time, I saw that only as a cautionary note; today’s pop showed me that it can be a good thing, too.

One of the ways I serve strawberries around here, when we’re looking for something beyond just the plain berries, is with a drizzle of chocolate syrup over the top. It’s a healthy little indulgence, and lots of fun to eat. So I decided to see if it would translate to a pop:

As I’ve done with most of my other strawberry pops, I pureed a small handful of fresh strawberries with about a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of water. I began pouring this base into the molds, stopping every so often to squeeze a small dollop of chocolate syrup carefully into each side of the ice pop stick. I had a hunch the syrup wouldn’t freeze (after all, it doesn’t thicken when squeezed onto ice cream), but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what happened.

When I unmolded the pop, at first I was disappointed:

Not the look I was going for -- my pop looks like it's wounded.

As I suspected, the chocolate syrup didn’t freeze. Instead, it smeared along the sides of the mold, leaving a nice mess. The pop certainly didn’t look appetizing.

But in this case, looks were deceiving. What I didn’t realize from the outside is that some of the syrup I’d poured into the mold had basically been buried within the puree. As I was eating the pop, I kept coming across these great little veins of liquid chocolate. It tasted great, and it was definitely a fun pop to eat. It was well worth the time I spent wiping chocolate syrup off the Zoku.


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