A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Today’s pop seemed like such a good idea at the time. I mean, if a cold beer is a good thing, then a really, really cold beer should be great, right? So:

My husband was in charge of making this pop, and he said it didn’t go well. The first one he poured foamed a ton. The second one foamed less, but the expanded well above the edge of the mold. Either way, it was messy:

Interestingly, these pops were the first ones we’ve ever been able to remove from the Zoku without using the remover tool. They just pulled right out of the molds.

I didn’t try these pops, because I really don’t like beer. Husband tried them, though, and said they were quite bad. The finished ice pops were bitter, apparently because they were made with a very hoppy beer. Apparently, a less hoppy beer (such as a lager, or Guiness) might be a better choice.

Still, beer ice pops just didn’t live up to the idea.  I think husband will stick to drinking his beer from a glass.


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