A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Sorry I punked out on y’all yesterday. I am working on a serious sleep deficit and once again fell asleep on the sofa right after the kids went to sleep.

Frankly, my heart’s not really in posting today, either.  I live in North Carolina, and if you’re reading the news, you know that it’s not really a night for ice pops.  It’s a night for anger, and grief and shame.*

Nevertheless, I don’t want to skip two nights in a row, so:

It looks like peanut butter, but it kind of isn’t.

My sister sent me this today.  It’s peanut butter powder.  They make it by pressing all of the oil out of the peanuts until all that’s left is powder.  Then they add chocolate.  You’re supposed to reconstitute it at home and use it like real peanut butter, except there’s barely any fat in it.  It’s perfect for ice pops, since you can easily vary the consistency just by adding more or less liquid.

The directions say to mix two tablespoons of the powder with one tablespoon of water to make peanut butter.  Doing so, unsurprisingly, gives a result very similar to “real” peanut butter, but a little gritty.  I mixed it with one tablespoon each of milk and half & half, to make it liquid enough for pops.

This makes for a really nice ice pop.  Very thick, rich and creamy, though again with a little bit of grit in it.  I kind of like the grit, because it reminds me of peanut butter cups.  For making ice pops, there’s no doubt that this is better than conventional peanut butter.

* I really do try to stay away from politics on this blog, but today I just can’t.  It’s too horrible and too fresh for me to pretend it’s not happening.  I understand that this could cost me some of my dozen or so readers, but I’d rather do that that keep my mouth shut.


Comments on: "Day 129 — PB2 Ice Pops" (2)

  1. Hello – just stumbled upon your blog – VERY NICE. I’ve been eyeing up a Zoku for quite some time and was worried it was “just another gadget” Is it honestly worth the price now that you’ve used it for a year?

    • Sorry it took so long for me to respond — whether or not a Zoku is worth it depends heavily on how much you like ice pops. As you can see, I managed to make about 7 months of different ice pops before running out of steam. I feel like I more than got my sister-in-law’s money’s worth (it was a gift) in those months. Since the summer, we’ve used the Zoku a handful of times. It particularly came in handy when my kids were sick, since I could make them juice pops to keep them hydrated. But I’ll be honest, we’re only using it once a month if that. I’d keep an eye out to find it on sale.

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