A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I’m still having a minor love affair with the Cookie Butter I bought from Trader Joe’s a little while back, so today I decided to experiment with variations on the plain cookie butter ice pop:

See? I added a splash of vanilla and a handful of chocolate chips. That makes a totally different pop.

I wanted to play on that cooked-sugar taste of the cookie butter, which is similar to the brown sugar flavor found in a chocolate chip cookie, but more pronounced. I thought adding some vanilla might soften the flavor and bring it a little closer to tasting like a chocolate chip cookie. Though the difference in the finished product was subtle, I really do think it was there.

You can’t seem them, but there are lots and lots of chocolate chips in here. I’d say at least 15 of them.

I can’t honestly say these popsicles tasted exactly like a chocolate chip cookie (I think that texture is actually a huge component in a cookie’s appeal), but they were close. At the very least, they closely resembled store-bought cookie dough. So, well worth the time and effort.


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