A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I found myself low on ingredients tonight, so today’s ice pop is a combination I otherwise might never have thought to use:

Once again, I wanted to try that “crammed with fruit” type of pop. As you’ll see, one of the big drawbacks of the Zoku is that the pops are large and their bases take up a lot of space, making it nearly impossible to put fillings between the stick and the walls of the molds. Still, once I poured a tiny bit of juice into the mold to get the pop started, I dropped as many minced strawberries as I could into the mold. I managed to get a lot — at least half of one of those hue strawberries in the photo.

The stick issue made for an interesting, vertically-stripe pop:

As to taste, I’m surprised we don’t see strawberry and pineapple in combination more often. The sweetness of the juice set off the strawberries perfectly, and the chunks of fruit elevated this well above a simple juice pop. An unexpected winner, in my opinion.


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