A pop a day keeps boredom away!

This week, I had the rare treat of having two of my favorite fruits in season, locally, at the same time. The kids and I have been eating strawberries all month, and now blueberries have shown up in my produce box. I figured I’d take the opportunity to make them into an ice pop:

I pureed a handful of each berry with a splash of lemonade.  The blueberries didn’t blend in smoothly and the mixture turned out more red than purple, but it still looked good.  And so did the pops:

This pop tasted ok, but to be honest, they didn’t turn out as I’d hoped.  I didn’t really intend for these to be a lemonade-centered pop (as those of you who saw this post before I edited know).  I wanted the berries to shine through, but in this pop all you could really taste was lemon.  I am going to have to try this one again, with plain sugar and water instead of the lemonade.  Tune in tomorrow…


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