A pop a day keeps boredom away!

They can’t all be Nutella pops, y’all.

A few days ago, a friend asked me why I don’t make more veggie ice pops. True, I did make a Green Monster ice pop way back in the beginning, but since then I have stuck largely to fruit and other sweets. She wanted to know where the sugar snap pea pops were.  Since I had no inclination to liquify sugar snaps, I tried this instead:

Now, truth be told, I don’t like carrot juice. It’s just a little too weird for my taste. And it probably would have been a good idea to use this with some other juice the first time I tried it, just to ease me into it. But I was feeling lazy, so I just poured and waited:

The husband tried it first and had this to say: “It’s hard. Tastes like a carrot.” After the obligatory “that’s what she said” joke (though actually, I prefer an old-fashioned, Lorelai Gilmore “Dirty!”), I tried it. It wasn’t really that hard (dirty!).  It had the same consistency most juice pops have — not soft, but easily bitten. And it tasted like a carrot.

If you like carrot juice, this pop will make you happy. But on its own, carrot juice makes an unappetizing ice pop.  I’m willing to try this mixed with other fruits or juices, though.  Do any of you know if carrot juice plays well with others?  If so, do you have any combinations to suggest?


Comments on: "Day 145 — Carrot Ice Pops" (3)

  1. Donnelle said:

    Yes! Orange juice and carrot juice are BFFs! That’s a combination I actually adore even more than straight orange juice. Try it.

    PS – LOVING this blog. I just got a ZOKU this week and stalked all the way back through this blog to your first beautiful starfruit pop. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I too read your blog all the time. I’ve had a Zoku for a bit now, but I haven’t really had a chance to play around with it because it’s been too cool.

    Try Carrot and Ginger. I heard that’s a really good combo.

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