A pop a day keeps boredom away!

One of the things that the Zoku Pop Maker instruction manual warns against is using artificially sweetened liquids to make ice pops. Now, that’s not really a problem for me, as we generally avoid artificial sweeteners. But I received this in the mail a few days ago:

Now, if I’m drinking anything billed as a “‘tini,”, it had better have alcohol in it. There was little question of me actually drinking this stuff (at least, not without a shot or two of vodka). So I decided to risk making it into a popsicle.

I figured from my last experiment in breaking the Zoku rules that probably one of three things would happen with this pop. It could stick in the ice pop maker; it could come out but be too hard to eat, or it could be just fine.

Turns out it was door # 2:

I had a little trouble getting this pop out — the remover tool definitely had to work at it, and the first two tries I gave up for fear of forcing it and breaking the Zoku stick. But the third time I tried it, the pop slid right out of the mold.

Eating it, however, did not prove so easy. The ice pop came out extremely hard — eating it was more like gnawing on an ice cube. Tiny bits would snap off, but I couldn’t really bite it. Turns out sugar is kind of essential to making ice pops with a good texture.


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