A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I know I have made several Jello popsicles before and I’m sure you all get the idea. but I just can’t help it. They’re delicious, and so I have to keep making more of them.

Ok, I know that these two things are pretty much made of sugar and chemicals. Delicious, delicious chemicals. Sorry. I’ll make something healthy tomorrow.

Today’s version uses blackberry flavored Jello, mixed with Cool Whip. I’ve already mentioned that I adore Cool Whip, so these were super fun to make.

I used the recipe on the side of the Jello box — mix the Jello mix with 1.5 cups of boiling water, them whisk in a container of Cool Whip. I reserved about an ounce of the Jello before putting in the Cool Whip, because I thought I’d probably need the straight stuff to keep the Zoku stick from pulling out the softer Jello/cream mixture. Of course, that meant that I had to eat a spoonful of Cool Whip to keep the proportions right. This is a tough gig sometimes, I tell ya.

Of course, I was impatient when I poured, so my bottom layer ended up mixed into the middle section. Still, it did it’s job, hardening the pop enough that I was able to pull it from the mold with no problems (there’s no way this pop would come out of the mold if I only used the Jello/Cool Whip mixture. It’s too soft and airy). And it gave the pop a nice dip-dyed effect:

Oh, did this taste good! Sure, the blackberry flavor is vaguely reminiscent of Robitussin, but that kind of disappeared as I ate more of the pop. And the creamy layer was just so yummy. That’s seriously the best descriptor I’ve got — yummy. Putting aside the fact that it’s a nutritional void, this was a great ice pop.


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