A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Back in April, while we were visiting California for spring break, I found the cutest little set of food cutters at an Asian market. They are meant, I think, for cutting nori to decorate bentos, but I thought they’d be great for decorating ice pops. Since then, I’ve just been waiting for the right time to try them out. Today was the right time.

I used plain old lemonade for the base, since I know how it freezes and because it’s a very neutral color. I thought peaches and/or strawberries would be fun to use for the faces. So I started to cut out tiny little eyes and mouths, and immediately learned two things:

1. Peaches are not the best “tool” for this job, and
2. Strawberries are even worse.

Both fruits were a little too soft and a little to delicate to cut well with these tiny cutters. Just look at the carnage:

Do you see many useable pieces in this mess? It’s almost as if there’s a reason the Zoku people always say to use apples to decorate ice pops.

Still, I was able to get enough good pieces of peach to make one little face (the strawberries were a completely lost cause). I arranged the face on my pie server and used that to stick it to the sides of the Zoku mold.

Then, forgetting that I had already removed its top, I picked up my bottle of lemonade and gave it a good shake.

10 minutes later, I had cleaned the sticky mess off the floor and was ready to proceed. The pop turned out cute, if a little hard to photograph:

In person, you can see that my little face is winking.

This pop was fun, if frustrating to make. The end result was cute enough that I am looking forward to trying more “funny face” ice pops in the future, but next time I’ll stick with apples or another very firm fruit.


Comments on: "Day 158 — Funny Face Ice Pops" (1)

  1. Donnelle said:

    I’ve found that a pear works better than an apple for decorating. You REALLY have to cut that fruit down to 1/8 of an inch…pears are softer than apples, so getting that ultra-thin slice is a lot easier.

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