A pop a day keeps boredom away!

Every summer, when the peaches come, I buy them by the boxful. I made pies and cobblers and baby food and, of course, I freeze a bunch. But the one thing I’ve made last year that made the biggest impression on my kids was peach lemonade. I think I made it from scratch last year, blending peaches, lemon juice, sugar and water. This year, when she begged for it, I went simpler and just blended peaches into the bottled lemonade I always have on hand. As I was making it, I realized it’d make a great ice pop. So:

I don’t have proportions for this one, as I just froze some of what I made for drinking, but I can tell you I used a rather high proportion of lemonade to peaches (at least 2 to 1).

These were delicious and summery. A perfect way to use a bunch of fruit.


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