A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I had a completely different pop planned for today. It was going to be a chocolate pop with fresh raspberries in it, but I’m away from home right now and I realized too late that I was missing the key ingredient for a chocolate pop (that’d be the chocolate milk mix). So I’m improvising:

Exciting, isn’t it? I really never meant to make a plain grape juice pop. In fact, I bought this in the anticipation of doing an ice pop experiment. But I’m not ready to do that tonight and my choices at this point are few, so here you go:

Grape juice is one of the few juices that I c stand to drink straight, though I almost never think to buy it.  But not surprisingly, it makes a delicious ice pop.  Sweet but not cloying, refreshing and just plain pleasant.  A nice chance from last night’s disappointment.


Comments on: "Day 168 — Grape Ice Pops" (3)

  1. Hi, I love your Blog. I just got my own Zoku delivered, and as I live in Australia I can’t buy a lot of the ingredients you use to make ice blocks. So I have started my own blog about using the Zoku with Aussie ingredients…(altough my Blog is just started, no recipes yet) come have a look, http://aussieiceblocks.wordpress.com/ Of course I have credited you as the original ice pop blogger and linked to your Blog.

  2. I have decided on tomorrow’s flavour already… Tim Tam biscuits and chocolate milk…. I hope they turn out… 🙂

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