A pop a day keeps boredom away!

I had hoped that the onset of summer would finally finish the seemingly endless parade of illness we’ve had this year. No such luck, though. All three kids currently have summer colds. I swear, my 3 year old has been sick more often than she’s been well this year.

Anyway, today was all about taking it easy and making sure they stay hydrated. To that end, I gave the kids a rare treat — Kool Aid. I never buy the stuff, but we received some sample packets when I bought a pitcher last week, so I figured we’d try it out. And ice pops are a great way to sneak extra water into sick kids, so we made a round of Kool Aid popsicles. They were quite icy since I’d only put in a quarter of the sugar the packet called for (the kids didn’t notice), but the kids ate them just the same.

Of course, I didn’t manage to take pictures. They weren’t visually interesting, anyway.

Here’s hoping that all three kids make speedy and miraculous recoveries overnight, and that this turns out to be the last cold until fall.


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